Contest... get it while it's HOT!

We started a contest with the last newsletter that is very exciting, indeed. This is the last push to get in your entries before we start tallying the winners! 

The first 5 ladies to get 5 referrals to sign up to the mailing list will win a treat of a lifetime. This offer stands for the first 5 gentlemen as well. Once you've got your 5, send us an email with the names/emails of the people you referred. Don't worry! We will go by the first to reach 5 in order that the referrals signed up.

For those first 5 ladies? You will get a completely exclusive boudoir photography party. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? It means... you will enter Bohéme's air conditioned venue/studio on a sweltering Sunday in August, and will be immediately treated to champagne, wine, chocolates and cheeses as you lounge comfortably and enjoy filmed entertainment and electrifying sexy tunes. Your hair will be styled by those rockin' ladies from B-Side Salon, and your hostess LuLu LaRouge will aid you in feeling your most luxurious and gorgeous in your favorite sexy dress or lingerie. You only bare what you are comfortable with, and you will absolutely shine as you are pampered and placed before McKenna Jane's camera. There you will spend 30 minutes being photographed individually and learning what it's like to be a star, with LuLu LaRouge aiding in posing to help you look your very best. Not only is this a five star experience reserved to our very best fans, but in only a matter of a week after this indulgent experience, you will have digital copies with print release of your absolute best shots. You can share them with that special someone or save for that just-right occasion, when such beauty may be unleashed on the world.

And don't think we forgot about you gentlemen! The first 5 dapper dudes get dibs on this experience as well, with a few key changes. The spirits will be a bit more stout, but the mood will be just as sexy. Your styling and posing will be provided by our very own King of Threads, Chaice. He will bring a few key items that in conjunction to your sensual clothing essentials, will add that little bit of "oomph" that those ladies will go gaga for. You will still get 30 minutes individually in front of the camera, and you will still get to be rewarded a week later with those perfect shots. Whether they are needed for your album cover, your modeling headshot, or just to show that ex what she's missing... these images are sure to impress.

So what are you waiting for? First 5 ladies, first 5 gentlemen, we know you're out there! Make sure those you get to sign up for the mailing list let us know you referred them, and get to spreading the word!

Can't go on a Sunday in August? We absolutely know you have a friend who would love such a thoughtful gift. So what are you waiting for?!


There is just too much badassery going down in the month of July. We don't know if you can handle it. So, we're just gonna rip off the bandaid. ANNOUNCING- THE FIRST ANNUAL... COMIXTRAVAGANZA!!!!! 

from 5.00

Boheme Collectif will the spot for the 1st Annual Nashville COMIXTRAVAGANZA! It's a Comic Book Art Gallery Show and Cosplay Prom!


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Its official! 

Boheme Collectif will the spot for the 1st Annual Nashville COMIXTRAVAGANZA! It's a Comic Book Art Gallery Show and Cosplay Prom! 

From Noon - 6 PM: Local and celebrity comic book artists with original art on display and for sale - including an artist bullpen where you can meet and greet and get custom sketches done!

8 PM - Midnight: Cosplay Prom (super hero dance party!) with live entertainment and a costume party with rockin' prizes!

Confirmed artists to appear:
Stephen L. Fox 
Sam Payne
Janet Lee 
Eric Powell 
Michael Lapinski

With live performances by 
Crystal Starr 

Costume Contest! Super Hero Dance Off!

Pro Se Productions will present four panels on July 13 as a part of Comixstravaganza July 13 at Boheme Collectif in East Nashville, TN. The workshops will be focused on writing and publishing in the modern age!

Pro Se’s Panels will begin at 1:00 PM at Comixstravaganza!
4:00-5:00 PM- PUBLISH WITH PRO SE! -Review of Your Work for Possible Publication!

Comic Art Show - $5 per person with a family max of $20 (WHOLE FAMILY ONLY $20!)
Cosplay Prom - $15 per person
Whole day ticket for both events for only $15! WHAT A BARGAIN!

Tickets available at

Mark your calendars now!




You know you want to make art for this. We are accepting all mediums, and the art will be up day and night. This bad-boy will be going down July 13th and 14th. 

Send an email to with details on the work you want to submit or create. We will fill you in on the details of when to drop off and so forth, and then you can bring your badass costumed self to the comic con and show the geeks of Nashville and beyond what you've got!

Spots are limited and in high-demand. ACT NOW!


And now, a message from Al-d!

I throw this dance party every year to remind us all about the connections between hip-hop and funk/soul music.  The Boom Bap's own DJs Rate and Bowls are the resident DJs and I've had some great guest DJs in the past.  This year I got DJ Eticut and I'm super exited about it!  Last year she rocked a set playing exclusively GED Soul records and it was off the hook!  I'm also going to do my first-ever DJ set in public; so get there early if you want to check that out!

The party is at Boheme Collectif ( this year.  The address is 919 Gallatin Ave (across the street from Hunan Express - just past the first Kroger in East Nashville).  I am a member of the collective now; so I'll be doing more events there in the near future.  Specifically, watch out for the album release party for my new project - which is called FREE DELIVERY (mixed by DJ Rate).


9pm at Boheme Collectif - 919 Gallatin Ave.
$5 Cover

Here's the Facebook event page:


The good stuff just keeps coming!

Your Opportunity Awaits

Open Performance Night begins this week!!! We believe in letting any artist shine, because as a artist's cooperative, if we didn't encourage the creation of beauty, why would we exist? For that very reason, on the third Wednesday of every month- we are holding an Open Performance Night! The small sum of $5 will get you on stage, no holds barred until we simply run out of time! So bring your fivers, your tools of artistic creation, plus your eyes and your ears. Our first one will be May 15th. Check the calendar for exact times!

Also on the docket is the favorite among photographers- Peer Portfolio Critiques! Advancement among the artistic community is always at the forefront of our minds, and what better way to do so than to get a much needed outsider's perspective? It always helps to see your work with fresh eyes! Photographers with many years of experience will be there to help those who are fresh in the craft, and those who are new to photography will offer knowledge of new techniques you may not have considered before. This little gem will be open every second Wednesday of every month (first one May 8th) at 6:30pm. Best of all- it's FREE!!! Bring your portfolio in whatever form it may take, and let the critiques begin.

Similar to the Portfolio Critiques for photographers, we are also offering an option for writers to test their talents. Our Writing Workshop will be held every month, and is a great opportunity to express yourself and gain some insight into how to further entertain your readers. Come on by for our first one, May 16th, at 7:30pm!

Get in shape the sexy way!

Want to increase your confidence, your swagger, and shrink your waistline while you're at it? Then hop on over to Boheme every Wednesday night for Burlesque Fitness with Crystal Starr! This Daredevil Darling™ of Nashville will teach you how to be the most badass beauty you can be, all while helping you maintain your figure. Wednesday nights, and what better time to start is on this Wednesday, May 15th! You can get into shape, then stick around for open performance night and feast your eyes and ears on the uncensored talent of Nashville.

So as you can see, we are staying busy with ways to entertain. The bonus to all of this is the ability to support the artistic community of Nashville! We can't wait to see you at some of the events we have coming up. Let us know if there's any other events, classes, workshops, et cetera that you'd like to see. We have a busy summer ahead, and can't wait to book this Winter full of things that sprout from your ideas!