What we offer comes from our collective minds.


What We Do

Bohéme is a non-profit in the state of Tennessee committed to cultivating the artistic education of Nashville, Tennessee, developing personal expression, promoting diversity, and raising social awareness. Founded in 2011 to provide an avenue for artistic expression and learning, we support the exploration of creative endeavors while fostering critical thinking and providing unique networking opportunities. Our goal is to strengthen the community through workshops, classes for all ages, performances, exhibitions, and most importantly- to inspire the creative spirit in one another.

What You Can Do

  • Create a class, workshop, etc
  • Rent the space – rehearsals, parties, events
  • Become a Bohéme member
  • Signup for classes
  • Buy art
  • Attend events

Current Members

  • Snake and Charmer Recreation & Fabrication
  • Sabrina Langlois – Designer, Artist & Event Planner
  • David Deal – Scenic Fabricator, Furniture Creation & Design
  • LensDistortion Photography
  • McKenna Jane
  • Ava Dahl – Performance Artist



Are you musician, dancer or actor looking for rehearsal space? An artist, photographer, videographer, web developer, author, teacher, etc looking for a great space to create & share?

 We offer 2 levels of open warehouse space – approximately 2000 square feet! A kitchenette, stage, lighting, central heat & air, full bath, plenty of electricity for tools, and more.

Why not be part of something new? We are here for you!

Maybe you want to meet some other area artists, maybe you want to teach a class on the fundamentals of drawing ninja warriors, maybe you want to summon the creative genius of the Warhol entourage with a photo shoot in a silver painted victorian inspired room or a white-walled industrial workshop, maybe you want to film a music video or web show, maybe you want to take a class on how to make anything old into a new bar, maybe you want to skateboard in a really cool warehouse area, maybe you want to be part of an art show, maybe you want to attend a social experiment party, maybe you want to learn to paint a graffiti mural for your ultra hip mom (or dad).